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DatE-IT 2016 Interest application

The interest application for DatE-IT 2016 is now open:

Interest application

DatE-IT Catalogue

The 2015 catalogue is now available in digital format:

DatE-IT Catalogue 2015

About DatE-IT

The labour fair DatE-IT is unique since it is directed towards Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. This makes the fair a great opportunity for students and companies in these exact fields to meet and network. By focusing on companies in only the fields mentioned above we can keep the size of the fair just right and thereby having the chance to hold it in the EDIT-building. The EDIT-building at Chalmers is the daily studying environment for the about 2000 students with the particular orientations Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. This means that the students will be at their home ground in the meeting with companies which creates a relaxed atmosphere.

The DatE-IT 2015 catalogue is available and you can find it here:

DatE-IT 2015 Catalogue

For companies

DatE-IT 2016 interest application

To make sure that your company gets information regarding DatE-IT 2016, feel free to fill out the interest application. It is in no way binding, it only makes sure that you will be contacted from a DatE-IT representative when the fair is drawing near.

Interest application

General info

The purpose of DatE-IT is to give an opportunity to introduce your company and to network with the 2000 future engineers that study Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at Chalmers.

The fair is of appropriate size. Big enough to attract a large amount of students, but at the same time small enough to get to know eachother. The fact that the fair is held in the EDIT-building - where the students of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology spend most of their days to study - gives the fair a personal touch that is hard to achive at other fairs of greater size.

Targeted programs

For information about the programs that the majority of the attendants belongs to, follow the links below (Swedish only). he program pages also contains links to the pages of the different Master programs (available in English).




Speakers Week

The week prior to DatE-IT is referred to as Speakers Week. This is an opportunity for your company to present itself during a lunch lecture. The lecture will let the attendants get familiarized with your company and is a great way to increase the number of students visiting your company's showcase at the fair.

If your company wishes to take part in Speakers Week, please express your interest in the DatE-IT interest application. This is not binding!

Interview rooms

Private interview rooms may be used by companies wishing to interview students during the fair. In addition, this option will let students send you their CVs about a week before the fair. If your company is interested in this, please express your interest in the DatE-IT interest application. It is not binding!


Representatives from companies may take part in our celebratory banquet after the fair is over! Each company taking part in DatE-IT will receive two tickets for the banquet and it will be possible to purchase more.

For students


Start by going through the catalog and select the companies you are interested in. Do it carefully, visit the companies websites to understand more what they are working on. Decide which companies you should visit during DatE-IT and focus on them, it's much better than aimlessly walking around among all of the companies.

Are you at the stage of finding a job or thesis project and want the company to take an interest in you? Think about how you want to present yourself. Practice at home on a short and pithy presentation. By being well-informed and prepared, you can match your skills and abilities against the company's. It is not only your education, specialization and elective courses that are important. Trust and overseas experience is often seen as an advantage. Your personality will determine whether you get the job or not. Think about yourself, who are you? What do you want? What do you know?

Make contact

The exhibitors at DatE-IT will most probably not give you a thesis project or a job immediately. If you make contact with the company representer, ask for a business card and inform that person that you would like to contact him or her again. Make sure to be remembered! You can give the company your own business card or your résumé. Keep track of which company that have received your résumé. Write down and document what has been said and how possible future contact will take place.

If you choose to leave your résumé, remember that it is your way of marketing yourself. Make sure that the résumé clearly states who you are, what you know and also what your goals are. Be as thorough as possible when you write your résumé. It should be easy for the employer to understand your competense. If you contact different companies, you can give them different résumés which are tailor-made to each company.

Submit your résumé

During the fair it is possible to attend interviews with a number of companies. To take advantage of this opportunity, you must submit your résumé. Résumé submission will open as the fair approaches.

Become a company host

As a company host you will get a great opportunity to better get to know the company you are assigned to. During the evening you will get the chance to mingle and eat dinner with all the attending companies and other students.

As a company host you will get: breakfast, lunch, a ticket to the banquet, and a DatE-IT T-shirt which you will wear during the day. Snacks will be available the whole day during the fair.

Companies that attended DatE-IT 2015

3bits Consulting AB - Academic Work - Accenture - Alten - Altran - Arccore - BEKK - CANEA
Carmenta AB - Combitech AB - Consat AB - Consid AB - CPAC Systems AB - Cybercom Sweden
Delphi Automotive Sweden AB - EA Ghost Games - Ericsson - Evidente AB - Findwise - Framtiden AB
Google - HiQ - HMS Industrial Networks AB - i3tex - Idevio - Interaktionsbyrån - Invativa - Itera
Kits AB - Knowit - Meltwater - Netlight Consulting AB - Novacura AB - Omegapoint AB - Opera Software - Palantir - Purple Scout - Qmatic - QRTECH AB - Qualisys - SAAB AB - Scionova
Sigma AB - Silicon Labs - SpeedLedger - Squeed AB - Syntronic - ÅF


Schedule will be updated when set.


If you have any questions or concerns, please send an e-mail to


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