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DatE-IT 2020

The date for DatE-IT 2020 has been decided, it's going to be on Thursday the 12th of November. If you're interested in attending the fair you can send in an application of interest at By applying to the application of interest you'll show us that you're interested in attending the fair this year and will be considered as an exhibitor at the fair during the selection process (the interest application is not binding in any way).

Becuase of limited spots and high pressure for the fair there's going to be a selection process to decide which companies gets to attend. The selection process will start in the beginning of summer and be finalized in the fall.

About DatE-IT

DatE-IT is a labour fair aimed towards students studying in the fields of computer engineering, electrical engineering and information technology. At Chalmers there are around 2000 students divided in to these 3 areas. The fair is therefor a great opportunity for students and companies in these fields to meet and network.

DatE-IT 2020 will take place on November 12th.

For companies

DatE-IT 2020 interest application

To take part in the selection process for DatE-IT 2020 feel free to fill out the interest application. This also ensures that your company gets any information you might need.

An interest application is in no way binding, it only makes sure that you will be contacted from a DatE-IT representative when the fair is drawing near.

Interest Application for DatE-IT 2020

General info

The purpose of DatE-IT is to give an opportunity for your company and students to network and introduce them to your company with the 2000 future engineers that study Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at Chalmers.

With around 2000 attending students each year it's a perfect chance for your company to get to know the students and let them know what you can offer them.

Targeted programs

For information about the programs that the majority of the attendants belongs to, follow the links below (Swedish only). The program pages also contains links to the pages of the different Master programs (available in English).




Speakers Week

The week prior to DatE-IT is referred to as Speakers Week. This is an opportunity for your company to present itself during a lunch lecture. The lecture will let the attendants get familiarized with your company and is a great way to increase the number of students visiting your company's showcase at the fair.

If your company wishes to take part in Speakers Week, please express your interest in the DatE-IT interest application. This is not binding!

Interview rooms

Private interview rooms may be used by companies wishing to interview students during the fair. In addition, this option will let students send you their CVs about a week before the fair. If your company gets a spot at the fair you'll get the option to decide if you want this. However there is a limited amount of spots so make sure to motivate why you want it in the final application


Representatives from companies may take part in our celebratory banquet after the fair is over! All packages include banquet tickets it and it's also possible to purchase more.

For students


Start by going through the catalog and select the companies you are interested in. Do it carefully, visit the companies websites to understand more what they are working on. Decide which companies you should visit during DatE-IT and focus on them, it's much better than aimlessly walking around among all of the companies.

Are you at the stage of finding a job or thesis project and want the company to take an interest in you? Think about how you want to present yourself. You can practice at home on a short pitch or write down some notes that will help you present yourself in the best way possible. By being well-informed and prepared, you can match your skills and abilities against the company's. It is not only your education, specialization and elective courses that are important. Trust and overseas experience is often seen as an advantage. Your personality will determine whether you get the job or not. Think about yourself, who are you? What do you want? What do you know?

Make contact

The exhibitors at DatE-IT will most probably not give you a thesis project or a job immediately. If you make contact with the company representer, ask for a business card and inform that person that you would like to contact him or her again. Make sure to be remembered! You can give the company your own business card or your résumé. Keep track of which company that have received your résumé. Write down and document what has been said and how possible future contact will take place.

If you choose to leave your résumé, remember that it is your way of marketing yourself. Make sure that the résumé clearly states who you are, what you know and also what your goals are. Be as thorough as possible when you write your résumé. It should be easy for the employer to understand your competense. If you contact different companies, you can give them different résumés which are tailor-made to each company.

Submit your résumé

During the fair it is possible to attend interviews with a number of companies. To take advantage of this opportunity, you must submit your résumé. More information on how to do this will come later.

Become a company host

In order for DatE-IT to be arranged other than the core crew planning and arranging the fair there is also a need for DatE-IT hosts. A host is just a regular student that helps the core crew with the fair. Hosts are not part of planning the fair but are instead given the responsibility of hanlding communications with an attending company, helping them find their spot in the morning and answering general questions about the fair. Hosts also help set up the fair the day before and some help with the wardbrobe and lounge during the fair.

As a thanks for helping with the fair all hosts get breakfast and lunch during the fair day aswell as a free ticket to the banquet.

More information about how to apply as a host will come later.


If you have any questions or concerns, please send an e-mail to

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